Scaling our management agency from 10 to 20 sites in one year with the help of Block Angel.

We were looking for a system that would help improve our internal processes but also improve the owners experience when dealing with us. We were looking for a differentiator and we found Block Angel.

When I was first introduced to Block Angel it was described to me as a communications platform for residential estate management and during that time a particular feedback that we would receive regularly at board meetings was that more communication was required. I think many property managers can relate that when you manage hundreds or thousands of units, it is a significant challenge to deal with the many queries, issues and requests that arise from members and residents in addition to the general administrative and financial management that is required. From this perspective it was immediately of interest to us to find out more about Block Angel.

When we first introduced Block Angel I had concerns that the older demographic would not adopt to the new platform so we started with some of our smaller developments at first. Soon after we launched we began receiving very positive feedback from the owners, particularly from the older members. One day I received flowers and a card from an owner to say that they had felt especially reassured during Covid isolation with messages and updates through Block Angel which made her feel that a guardian angel was watching over the development. Block Angel proved to be an effective and easy to use tool for all ages.

A particular pain point in our operation was the administration of accounts where manual data entry and the reconciling of transactions was was taking up an excessive amount of time. This was restricting our capacity to serve our clients and grow the agency. When we started to use Block Angel with Xero it turned into a total game changer in how we manage accounts admin. Importing bank transactions with live bank feeds, matching transactions and setting up Hubdocs for supplier invoices has infintely improved all of these processes and has saved us thousands of hours of admin already. With Xero the auditors have direct access to the accounts and carry out the year end reports with far less input now required.

We are big fans of Block Angel and have worked closely with Andrew and the team since 2020. One particular thing that we like about Block Angel is that it keeps improving and getting better all the time which directly benefits our agency and our clients. 

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